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How to apply

Procedures for Applying
  1. Please apply by Temporary Application.
  2. We will send a formal application form to those who have made a temporary application. Please fill in the required items and send by E-mail.
  3. Within 10 days after the formal application, we will send "Detailed Information" to you by e-mail.
  4. Please pay the participation fee indicated in the e-mail.
Note when applying for participation
  1. In case there is a delay in payment, please contact the organizer.
  2. Please let us know in advance for cancellations. Cancellation policy is as follows
Cancellation policy
  1. Cancel before December 20, 2019・・・No cancellation fee is applicable
    ※In the case of cancellation after participation fee is payed、we will deduct 1,000 JPY (commission) from the paid amount.
  2. Cancel after December 21, 2019・・・100% of \17,600 (No refund)
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